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High School Senior Photography

We love giving seniors a special experience for their senior photography session. We make sure they get the photos they want and we have a fantastic time doing it.

What Our Sessions Include

All sessions are made up of three parts, a consultation, the actual shooting session, and a gallery review and ordering meeting.


Once you have booked and scheduled your session, we will get together for your initial consultation. Our preference is for this to take place in your home, but we can meet elsewhere if you choose.

This is a super important time for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. During the meeting, which usually lasts less than an hour, we’ll learn more about you and the things you love, the places you enjoy going, and the activities that you participate in. Then, together, we will use that information to plan a custom shoot just for you.

After we have our plan put together, we’ll talk about clothes, accessories, whether you want to have your hair and make-up done professionally, and anything else that you want to talk about so that you are fully prepared for your day in front of the camera.

Shoot Day

The day has come, the day you get to experience what it feels like to be a fashion model.

If you’ve chosen to get your hair and make-up done professionally, you will have that done in the hour before we will meet at the first location. Of course, if you decided to have an in studio session, we will do that first.

Once on location, we will get right down to it. Be assured that we will help you with posing and make sure everything looks perfect in your photos.

Once we have been everywhere you wanted to go to get your photos, it’s time for us to get to work editing your shoot.

Reveal and Ordering Day

We will schedule a review and ordering session to take place about a week after your shoot day. During the time between the shooting session and getting together to pick out photos, products, and finalizing your order, we will have edited your photos and narrowed the selection down to the best images. During your review sessions we will work through what the best artwork is for your home and help you pick out the best ways to share your images with family and friends.


Once your order is finalized, it will take about two weeks to get everything ready. Once everything is ready, we will package it up and deliver it to you in person or you can pick it up at our studio.

Session Fee (We don’t have one!)

Our senior sessions do not have session fee. We do require a booking fee, but that fee is applied in whole towards your purchase of digital and physical prints and products. We do however have a minimum purchase requirements for each of our session types. A standard senior session has a minimum required order of $450.00. The split session has a minimum required order of $1000.

Our clients generally spend between $800 and $2500 for their senior images, prints, and products.

Booking Fee

A $100.00 booking fee is due at the time we schedule your consultation session. That fee is applied in whole to your order.

Session Types

We have two different types of sessions, a standard session and a split session. Details about each are below.

Standard Session

Our standard session generally lasts anywhere from two to three hours. It can be in studio, a combination of studio and on-location, or all on-location. We help you decide what’s best during the consultation. There are no limits on clothing changes and, depending on how we design your session, we will go to as many locations as we can fit in.

During the reveal and ordering sessions, you will have up to 40 images from which to pick your favorites or you can order all of them if you just can’t decide.

Split Session

A split session is an excellent choice for those who want different looks, such as different hair styles, or multiple seasons. You can split your session up to a maximum of four individual one hour sessions. As mentioned above, split sessions do require that you purchase an album. Album prices start at $1000.00.

You can expect 20 images from each of your split session days.

Note: There will be one order session which will include the images taken at each session.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or are ready to book a session, give us call at (515) 423-0204 or use the contact form below to email us. We’ll get right back to you!

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